With thousands of games to choose from in the iOS app store, you might wonder where to start. A game called PUBG, or Player Unknown Battlegrounds is one that you should take time out to try.  Proving a popular game, the app store only offers the basic game as a free download but there is a way to get a modified version of PUBG that includes loads of extra features for free so keep reading for more details.pubg hack small

What is PUBG ?

PUBG is a popular FPS (first-person shooter) game with one goal – to survive to the end. You can choose between Classic play, which gives you 30 minutes to fight around 100 other players and Arcade mode, which is a 5 minute game with about 30 players. New maps are added regularly giving you more space and different battlegrounds to fight on and there are three player modes – solo, duo or squad.

How to Download PUBG :

You can download the basic version from the iOS app store for free or you can download a fully featured version with loads of extras in it, also for free, by downloading TweakBox. This is an unofficial app store, an alternative to Cydia that offers tons of apps and games and all you do is download it, search for PUBG and install it, using the guide below:

With mobile games fast becoming the most popular form of gameplay, it’s no wonder that installers like TweakBox are proving so popular; offering hundreds of games, many with modifications like PUBG to bring extra features.

If you are looking for something different to play then give PUBG a try. Tell us in the comments box what you think of it and follow us on Facebook for all the latest tips and top app suggestions.

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