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Pokémon Go is a name we are all familiar with; a name you hear pretty much everywhere you go these days. It is a free app that you can get for iOS and Android devices, with the idea being to capture as many of the monsters as you possibly can. This is no straightforward 2-D app though; instead, it uses GPS combining your location in the real world with augmented reality, showing you the monsters wherever you are, even if you are doing your weekly shop. When you capture a monster, you can train it and then enter it into battles with other payer’s monsters. You can also download Pokemon Go from TweakBox App for free .

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Although the app is free, there are in-app purchases and it may be necessary to spend some real cash if you want to get ahead in the game. This can get expensive so we have found a way to get all of this for free. That’s right, all the in-app bonuses you want, without spending any money at all. How ? By downloading TutuApp, a Chinese app store that gives you free access, not just to paid content, but to modified apps as well, including Pokémon Go.

Features of Pokémon Go Through TutuApp :

Shortly, we will be showing you how to get the modified version of Pokémon Go on iOS and Android but first, look at what the modified version gives you :

  • A brand-new set of options in the menu, allowing you to modify the settings and navigate the app on-screen without physically moving in the real world 
  • Ability to customise your walking speed and to switch between walk, cycle and drive. This lets you get to more locations further away from you. If you get a warning message about playing while driving [ even though you aren’t ] change to the option for Passenger 
  • Set specific destinations and let your trainer lead you straight to them. You will get a notification if there are any Pokémon on the way or you can carry out the hunt manually. In fact, the tools are so good, that you will even be told which of the Pokémon around you should target first. 

How to Download Pokémon Go Using TutuApp :

To download Pokémon Go modified version, first you must go to the link below and download TutuApp for Android or iOS. You will find full instructions with the links:

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