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Many of you will already be familiar with TutuApp and will already be using it on your mobile devices. For those that aren’t, it is an app installer that provides you with free and easy access to all the paid content you could possibly want.

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TutuApp will work on the following platforms :

While most users have found it very easy to use and trouble free, we have heard a few reports of some users hitting brick walls with it, with some apps not working. Luckily, these issues are very easy to fix and we’re going to show you how.

How to Fix Errors with TutuApp :

There are a few errors that have been reported, including:

  • Problems with installing applications
  • The download failing
  • Apps not working after they have been installed
  • Not able to get a specific app via TutuApp
  • Mobile device slows down noticeably

Let’s have a look at the solutions to these issues, including these that you encounter with the modified version of Pokémon Go.

Download and Installation Errors with Tutu App :

This is one of the more common issues and, with help from the developers, we have a few solutions for you to try:

  1. Clear app data
  2. Clear your cache

If they don’t do the trick :

  1. Delete the problem app
  2. Delete TutuApp
  3. Download TutuApp again 
  4. Install the app again

It should all now be fine

  • Remove the app that caused the problem
  • Delete TutuApp from your device 
  • Now Download TutuApp
  • Reinstall the app

Everything should now work properly.

Application Support Issues :

It really doesn’t matter what device you are using TutuApp on, one of the common issues is with application support. The TutuApp developers are constantly monitoring the app for problems and they have provided is with a couple of ways to solve these and other download problems, partially with Pokémon Go.

A handful of users have reported that they have had trouble setting up the app with the .apk file, trying several times to do it and finding that the app just won’t install. In some cases, they can’t even get it to download. TutuApp Helper is the answer to this problem and you can find the instructions for that at the linked article.  The biggest issue is that there are large amounts of traffic attempting to reach the TutuApp server and another problem is using an unsupported device or software malfunction. Try these steps:

  1. Open Settings > Network Settings > Reset Network Settings 
  2. Confirm your actions and your device reboots
  3. You will need to set your wifi back up as all your network settings are now back to factory.
  4. If this doesn’t work, follow the TutuApp Helper tutorial

Pokémon Go Not Installing on iPhone :

When you download Pokémon Go onto your iOS device, make sure you pick the right version for your device. When you use the TutuApp homepage, there will be two options for downloading – a jailbroken and a non-jailbroken device , choose the correct one!

If you are using on older version of the app, you might suffer with a few issues when you try to download this version. This is generally an incompatibility problem or a problem with the server. Here are the steps for fixing:

  1. Delete the old Pokémon Go version
  2. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings 
  3. Input your passcode and wait for your device to reboot , all your settings will be back to factory.
  4. Reconnect Wi-Fi and install TutuApp again
  5. Open Settings > General > Profile and Device Management
  6. Locate the right certificate and tap Trust
  7. Download Pokémon Go from TutuApp
  8. Repeat step 5 and Trust the certificate for Pokémon Go.

It should now work properly

Pokémon Go Not Installing on Android :

If you are attempting to install the app on your Android mobile device, it could be that the correct option for downloading can be accessed through your mobile web browser. Here are the steps to fix:

  1. Open TutuApp on your computer
  2. Click on the tab that says Android APK , this won’t be visible on the mobile web browser
  3. Download the .apk file
  4. Connect your device to your computer with the USB device and transfer the .apk
  5. Now you can install the file on your mobile device and use the icon on your home screen to access the app. 

Can’t Locate TutuApp APK :

There are hundreds of different Android mobile devices and many different versions of the Android operating system and this means that, sometimes, there may be a conflict. And, with all the different web browsers out there, you might just struggle to find the APK on the official TutuApp website. This is mostly down to the size of your mobile screen and the website struggling to adjust to it; although you may not see it, the APK will be there. However, you can use this method to download the file:

  1. Open your computer web browser and go to the TutuApp APK website
  2. Click the button that says Android and then the button that says Download
  3. Wait for the download to complete and then locate that file on your computer
  4. Either connect your device to your computer with the cable and transfer the file over or email the file to yourself and open it on your mobile device
  5. Now you can download it straight to your Android device.

Make sure that you have enabled the option to Download from Unknown Sources otherwise this won’t work. 

Remember, TutuApp provides two links , one for jailbroken devices and for those that are not – make sure you choose the right one. These solutions should fix all the problems you are likely to have with TutuApp. If they don’t, it may be that the APK is corrupted or your device just isn’t compatible. If the former is the case, delete TutuApp and reinstall it, ensuring you are using a strong internet connection to do so.

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