There has long been a battle between Apple and iOS users and not just about the use of Cydia either. For a long time, Cydia was the best way to get apps and tweaks on our device but there have been so few updates that we don’t all have access to the store anymore. So we started using third-party installers and, to stop Apple revoking the certificates, we installed NessTool, a VPN tool that hid the certificate so they couldn’t be revoked. NessTool has now been renamed to NessVPN and here’s why.

Why Did NessTool Change ?

The reason why NessTool changed to NessVPN was simple; it all came down to the way that NessTool worked. Built into the app is a VPN; when you download a third-party app, you do it by way of installing the configuration profile to your device and this requires your Apple ID. That ID is tied to your device and the VPN in NessTool hid that identity so Apple couldn’t revoke the certificate. However, it didn’t take too long before Apple began to recognize the pattern and, to get around it, they simply banned the device ID so it couldn’t use any app certificate. The result of this was all the apps on these devices crashing because all the certificates were revoked.

Hide in Plain Sight :

What a VPN does is, rather than providing a VPN that is banned, they give you recommendations for VPN services that you can use with modified content legally. By using these services, you are still hidden but you are hidden in “plain sight”. These VPN services are already in use by millions of people and Apple cannot stop you from using them.

Check Out The List of Top TutuApp VPN Services :

When you search for a VPN, you will be overwhelmed with results; there are hundreds to choose from so, to make it easy, we’ve got suggestions for the best ones to use with the most popular apps and platforms:

So far, we have looked at some of the most popular third-party services and the Android platform and have come up with some VPN suggestions for you. These are not necessarily free because free isn’t always the best; however, the cost of using a VPN is not prohibitive.

If you still have NessTool on your device, we recommend you remove it before your ID is banned and make your choice from the suggestions above, VPNs that you can use without any trouble.

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