It used to be that installing third-party apps and jailbreaks on our iOS devices was simply a case of downloading them directly. Now we can’t do that anymore; we have to sideload them using Cydia Impactor or use Tutu App app installer to get the apps. Although there are many app installers to choose from, Tutu App is one of the best and one of the most popular, containing a much wider range of content than the others.

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The reason why we use Tutu App is because the apps that we want to install, including Snapchat++, Pokémon Go++, Spotify++ and all the other tweaked ++ apps that we use, are because Apple won’t sign the certificates for these apps and this is the only way they will run on our devices.  The problem lies in these certificates – Apple constantly checks all the certificates to see if they are genuine and those that are not signed by Apple are revoked instantly. This means that we are having to reactivate our apps every week so that they will continue to work. That’s why NessTool is such an important tool.

What is NessTool ?

NessTool is a tool that only works with TutuApp. When you install it, it will ask for permission to create a VPN configuration on your iPhone or iPad and, if you don’t allow permission, it won’t work. NessTool will install a VPN onto your iPhone or iPad and this works to block the verification attempt by Apple and also blocks the revocation process too.

NessTool works in the background on your device and will not interfere with any process or any of your devices. It takes up little in the way of space and memory and doesn’t slow anything down. It will only work on apps that are already installed on your iPhone or iPad but updating it is a simple matter.

So, when you install TutuApp, make sure that you also use NessTool to stop all your certificate from being revoked. It only takes minutes to install and will save you so much time later on because you won’t need to continually reactivate your apps – a true godsend for those who install hundreds of different ones!

So, will you be using NessTool together with TutuApp ? It is the wise decision to make so let us know what you think of it and follow us on Facebook for more relevant updates.

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