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The jailbreak community has been a little spoilt for choice in the last few years but, with iOS 10, it all came to a crashing halt. When the jailbreaks did start to come through again, they were slow and there were few of them. Most were only suitable for certain users and that left the rest of us having to look elsewhere for the tweaks and paid content we were used to having free access to. With iOS 11 download [ext link] now out, we can only hope that jailbreaking will pick up again but, in the meantime, we can use TutuApp Installer, recently updated with support for iOS 11.

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How to Download TutuApp on iOS 11 :

There are two ways to download TutuApp on iOS 11:

Method 1: Safari Browser

  1. Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad  
  2. From the address bar, go to tutu-app.org  
  3. Wait for the page to fully load and then tap on the UP arrow , top right or bottom center of your screen  
  4. Choose Add to Home Screen from the new options at the bottom of the page  
  5. Type TutuApp in when asked to name the icon . Tap on Add and close Safari  
  6. You should now see the new TutuApp icon on your home screen.  

Video: This shows you how to do these steps

Method 2: Configuration Profile

  1. Launch Safari and load this [ link ]
  2. Tap on the link to Directly Install to iOS Device on the information page that loads
  3. When your settings app loads on the Profile page, tap on Install 
  4. Safari will load , tap Install TutuApp then tap Install on the confirmation message that pops up
  5. When Settings opens again, tap Install
  6. On the next page, tap Install > Next
  7. Tap on Install > Next again and then tap Done
  8. TutuApp will be ready for use on iOS 11 

Note :

When you Download TutuApp for accessing all this content, you will find that, unless you take steps to protect them, all your apps will crash within 7 days and you will need to reinstall them. Because Apple doesn’t have anything to do with the signing of the app certificates, they do not consider the apps to be genuine and, as such, on a regular basis, they will revoke the certificates and crash your apps.

To protect them, you must download NessTool , a VPN tool that prevents the certificates from being revoked, so you don’t have the hassle of reinstalling them.

Fixing TutuApp VIP Errors :

While errors are not very common with TutuApp, you may be unlucky enough to come against one of these two. They are very easy to solve though, so don’t worry:

  • An app you installed will not open or TutuApp will not run. On your device, launch Settings > General > Profile and Device Management. Locate the app certificate and tap the Trust button. Close settings and try again , it should now work
  • Profile Installation Failed error , For information on fixing this error, open the linked article

TutuApp Alternative :

As well as TutuApp, there have been quite a few other app installers released to try to provide us with something we can use. While they will never replace Cydia as such, they do give us back some of what we used to download, including a variety of games emulators and other popular tweaks, modified apps like Pokémon Go++ and Snapchat++ and all the paid apps we want for free. If TutuApp doesn’t have the tweaks you want then try Emus4iOS, AppValley [ext ink], vShare, TweakBox, or Emus4U [ext link].

One of them is bound to contain something that you want. You will need to download Anti Revoke [ext link] though. This is a VPN tool, like NessTool, that works to protect your app certificates from being revoked and is necessary on all the app installers except for TutuApp.

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