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For millions of iOS users, jailbreaking is no longer an option; in the last 18 months or so there have been so few updates to Cydia and those only work on a few devices. It doesn’t look much like the situation will change in the near future either and it’s becoming more likely that we will have to learn to live with a jailbreak. Luckily, there are other ways to get some of the Cydia content, especially useful apps like iFile File Manager, one of the most downloaded apps by jailbreakers. Shortly, we’ll be looking at how you can download iFile [ext link] without a jailbreak but first, a few more details.

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What is iFile ?

iFile is an incredibly popular file manager app for iOS because it allows us to get into our device file systems. It had to be a jailbreak app because Apple wouldn’t let us that deep into the system, despite most people thinking that we should be able to manage our own file systems. iFile no longer requires Cydia to work and, in the same way that you can access your OS X files through Finder or Windows files through Explorer, iFile lets you do so much with your iOS files.

iFile Features :

iFile is packed with features that give you full unfettered access to your own file system. For starts, you can see what file types you have on your device, such as:

  • Movies
  • Images
  • Sound
  • HTML
  • Web archive
  • Text
  • Microsoft files
  • PDF
  • Apple iWork
  • Compressed files

With your multimedia and software files, you can:

  • Copy and paste 
  • Move and rename them
  • Edit configuration files and other text or property lists
  • Easily install .deb packages
  • Zip and unzip any compressed file format
  • Import MP3s and other files into your iPod Library

You can move files to and from your iOS device:

  • Using the web server built into iFile, using a network drive or a browser
  • View and download files using a Toshiba FlashAir card
  • Manage your Dropbox and FTP files
  • Mount Apple .dmg files easily
  • Send any file to iFile on another device through Bluetooth

iFile is integrated fully with Safari Download Manager, Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing and Attachment Saver.

How to Download iFile :

iFile is not an app that Apple is ever going to allow into the iOS app store, given the nature of the app but there is an easy way to download it. All you need to do is download Tutu App installer first:

  1. Download Tutu App onto your iPhone or iPad, using the linked guide 
  2. Open Tutu App and look for iFile 
  3. Download it, following the onscreen instructions
  4. Enjoy everything that iFile has to offer 

For anyone who wants to get into their file system, to manage their own files, iFile is the only way to do it. It doesn’t require a jailbreak, its free to use and you’ve nothing to lose. Let us know how you get on with it and follow us on Facebook for all the latest news.

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