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Following the distinct lack of jailbreaks coming out in recent months, several developers have released app installers that give us a limited access to some tweaks, as well as paid content for free. The latest one is called TutuApp [ about ] and, as well as not needing a jailbreak to work, it also doesn’t require your Apple ID, unlike many of the others. Because it will work on jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices, it is the perfect choice for all users and is updated with all the latest content daily. A Quick Search feature ensures that you will find your favorite app or game quickly like Pokemon Go Hack and more. If you want to install TutuApp on your iOS device, read on for the steps.

Image : Tutu App Download Tutorial

How to Download TutuApp : [ No Jailbreak ]

Please note that Safari browser is the only one this will work with.

  1. Open your Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad  
  2. In the address bar, type in and tap Go  
  3. Tap the UP arrow on the loaded page [ top right on the iPad and bottom center on the iPhone ]  
  4. Choose Add to Home Screen from the options on the bottom row of your screen 
  5. In the box that shows up, type TutuApp to give the icon a new name .Tap Add and then shut Safari  
  6. The TutuApp icon will be on one of your home screens 

Video: Please watch this to see how these steps are done

Note :

If you use TutuApp for all your apps and tweaks then make it a priority to download NessTool as well. If you don’t want Apple to revoke your app certificates and you want to be able to use your apps without having to reactivate them regularly them, then NessTool [ext link] is the only way.

Other Download Methods :

TutuApp is not just for iOS, it can also be downloaded on other platforms and you can find full instructions at the linked articles below:

How to Fix TutuApp Errors :

While the vast majority of users have had no trouble installing and using TutuApp, a small handful have reported two errors. Both of these are dead simple to fix and you can find the details below:

  • Profile Installation Failed Error. If you come up against this, click the given link to find the instructions on how to fix
  • An app you installed will not run. This is a certificate problem and, to fix it, go to Settings > General > Profile and Device Management. Tap the Trust button next to the relevant app and come out of settings. The app will now work

Tutu App Alternatives :

TutuApp is one of many similar app installers that have been given to us by different developers. They all aim to do one thing – provides us with an alternative to Cydia, with a few of the tweaks we are missing out on and lots of paid content for free. They also include games emulators and modified apps like Pokémon Go++ and Snapchat++ and, as well as being updated to support iOS 11, they also require no jailbreak. This means that more people can take advantage of them, even those who don’t want to jailbreak.

You may need to choose a couple of installers to get what you want because they don’t all offer the same tweaks so have a look at vShare, AppValley [ext link], TweakBox, Emus4U [ext link], and Emu4iOS; see which ones offer the tweaks you want. Do be aware though; if you do install one or more of these, you will also need to download Anti Revoke [ext link]. This is a similar tool to NessTool, designed to protect your apps from being revoked by Apple.

What do you think of TutuApp ? Let us know how you get on with it and follow us on Facebook for more updates and tutorials.

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  1. I’m new to this so this may sound stupid. I have tutu on my home screen but now what? How do I locate and download apos and games for free? I have a 6plus and a 7plus

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