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It is no secret that Android users enjoy a far more open experience on their devices than iOS users do. They certainly have more features and functionality but there are still some things missing. iOS users tend to turn to jailbreaking to get new features and better functions on their devices but this is something that cannot be done on an Android device. It isn’t all bad news though; because of the fact that few jailbreaks are available right now, several app installers have recently been released to try and give us back some of what we are missing and one of the Top apps are TutuApp and ACMarket. Even better, it can be downloaded onto an Android device.

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TutuApp Features :

  • Works perfectly on almost Android devices
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast download speeds 
  • Plenty of content to download including games like Pokemon Go Hack , PokeSniper etc
  • Updated daily with all the latest content
  • Delete easily if you don’t need it anymore

Install TutuApp on Android :

You can’t just download TutuApp onto your Android device; first, you need to install the application package, or APK, file and unzip it from its JAR-based zipped format. This is very easy to do but you must make sure you follow all these steps exactly or it won’t work:

  1. First, download the APK [ file ] to your PC or Mac
  2. Unzip it and save it where you will find it easily
  3. Now email the .apk to yourself using the email that you open on your mobile device , do not open it just yet 
  4. First, on your Android device, open Settings and then Security 
  5. Look o the option for Unknown Source Options and make sure that the box beside it is checked , Do Not kip this step or the file cannot be downloaded 
  6. Now you can access your email on your device and download the file
  7. Locate the file, double tap it and start the installation process
  8. Wait for the process to finish and you can start using TutuApp on your Android device  

Note :

NessTool is a vital part of your TutuApp download experience as it provides protection against app certificate revocation. When your apps crash, it is because Apple has revoked the certificate and NessTool [ext link] will block this, leaving your apps free for you to enjoy forever

Once again, if you don’t follow these steps in the order they are written, you will not be able to install TutuApp on your Android mobile device

Are you going to give this a try on your Android device ? Let us know how you get on and what you think of TutuApp for Android. To stay up to date with all the latest news and for more tips and tutorials like this one, follow us on Facebook .

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